David Beumée Art - Teaching Wheel Thrown Pottery Experiences

Learning Wheel-Thrown Pottery is for Everyone!

Learn high-fire wheel-thrown pottery from a potter with 40+ years’ experience.

Hand-made stoneware, white stoneware and porcelain clays available, plus a growing number of glazes and slips for decoration. Cone 9 and 10 oxidation and gas reduction firing available.
Introduction to Pottery

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“Now offering the opportunity to sign on as students. Work with an artist and potter with 40+ years’ experience, learning time-tested techniques of high-fire pottery-making on the wheel. Hand-made stoneware, white stoneware and porcelain clays available, colored slips and stains available for decoration, and a variety of glaze colors. Oxidation and reduction firing offered.”

David Beumée Art - Water Media Monotype Prints, Paintings & Collage

The Art Shop

Created in a seven-year exploration of drawing, printmaking, painting and collage.
Please note that all pieces are unique. There is only one of each. Hence, Monotype.
While some may be similar in theme, there are no duplicates.
Some pieces are framed, many are not. Frames are not available for unframed pieces.

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All framed pieces have museum-quality archival framing materials. Archival framing includes 100% pH neutral cotton rag or buffered matboard, Japanese paper hinges, and spacers separating artwork from U.V. filtered acrylic glazing.